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  • Publicado : 9 de septiembre de 2012
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Australian Culture

In the world there are many cultures that represents great things, but no one like Australian. Australian culture has rarely things whenthey’re meeting etiquette, gift giving etiquette and dining etiquette.
When a foreigner visits Australia should take care of some things in the meeting etiquette. Firstof all, Australians are casual and relaxed. That means that do not try to talk to them formal because they are not like that, with a handshake and smile sufficesare good. Second of all, Australians prefer to use first names, even at the initial meeting.
The gift giving etiquette is sometimes as Mexicans but have somedifferent thing that should be mention. First of all, gifts are opened when received. Second of all, small gifts are commonly exchanged with family members, closefriends, and neighbors on birthdays and Christmas. Next, Trades people such as sanitation workers may be given a small amount of cash, or more likely, a bottle of wine ora six-pack of beer.

Australia has some dinning etiquette that everyone works with it. Some of them are almost likely with the north of Mexico costumes, butothers characterize Australians. Many invitations to an Aussies home will be for a barbecue (barbie)
like in Mexico’s does. In Australia, people arrive on time todinner no more than 15 minutes late to the invited barbecue. Visitors in Australians house offer to help the hostess with the preparation or clearing up after a mealis served.

Australia has many costumes close enough to costumes that we as Mexicans have, but they actually are more respectful with people’s houses.
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