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  • Publicado : 12 de septiembre de 2010
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Nene: Hey! I would like to see a movie.
Carito: Yeah! Me too.
Nene: I have catalog of movies.
Carito: ok. Can we check?
Nene: Of course.Carito: look! It’s eight o’clock. And there are some movies that start at nine o’clock. We can see one of them. Of course if you want.
Nene: sure!it´s perfect, so… tell me.. Which movie would you rather see?
Carito: mmm… let me see… I´d rather see Freddy Krueger.
Nene: mmm… I don’t know.Actually, I´d rather not see it because this movie is violent and this kind of movie isn´t to me.
Carito: Really?
Nene: Yes. I’m sorry.
Carito: Don´tworry it´s Ok. I have no problem.
Nene: Thanks you. Mmm… ooohh. Yes, look. What do you think of Remember me?
Carito: Of course not.
Nene: Whynot? I think that this movie is interesting. I like dramas and romantic movies.
Carito: Yes, I know. I like this kind of movies too. But believeme you didn´t like.
I have seen this movie before. And I´d rather not see it again. It´s boring.

Nene: mmm… No, I can´t believe you.

Carito:Yes my friend believe me, it’s really boring.

Nene: Ok, ok... but I don´t believe you…
Sooo, what about Eclipse? I´d rather seen this movie.Carito: yes, that sounds great!

Nene: ok. The movie starts at 9:15 pm.

Carito: it´s ok but it´s 8: 10.
Nene: you´re right. What canwe do on this hour with 5 minutes?

Carito: I don´t know. Maybe we can go to a Café.

Nene: Good. I pay.

Carito: ok but the movie is my treat!
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