Hospitales comunitarios (ingles)

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  • Publicado : 8 de febrero de 2012
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Community Hospitals

Background The Social Medical Services in Mexico, as in much of the world, has long lags that government must immediately cover to allow the growth of the nation. Thisnon-profit project with Social Character is intended to provide the entire population with services of top-level medical care.

The acceptation that our concept has generated in different ambiances, hasopened possibilities such as a Korean Investment Group, which has expressed interest in participating with us and fully donate our first unit. Besides, our early approaches to Federal and Statesgovernments have also resulted in a great acceptance of this effort, as we have received verbal commitments from them, who are willing to provide either economic resources or contribute the lots to carry outthe constructions.
For the location of a General Hospital of this size, we take in consideration factors of demographic, socio-economic, epidemiology and of surrounding population to which hospitaland medical services will be provided. The location of the establishment will be strategically located in an area that has a high community population and sufficient public transportation services,with greatest access possibilities. In combination with ample coverage, technical feasibility, reference and cross-reference between the different support units, and patients requiring treatment.Construction and development of 30 or more hospitals strategically located in the suburbs of all major cities that will attend to the medical needs of the people from the main cities and surrounding areas.Each hospital will be a “Low Cost” development and operation, with 120 beds delivered “Turn Key” at a budget of 33,19 million plus U.S. dollars.

OPERATIONAL STRATEGY Considers the possibility todevelop a hybrid operation, management and administration, where a private funding/private board or council runs each unit. In order to get a “Funding Letter” ICP recommends Nacional Financiera or...
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