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Hotel Vocabulary
part of speech | Meaning | Example sentence |
adjoining rooms
noun | two hotel rooms with a door in the centre | If you want we can book your parents in an adjoining room. |
noun | local facilities such as stores and restaurants | We are located downtown, so we are close to all of the amenities. |
noun | things for tourists to see and do |The zoo is our city's most popular attraction for kids. |
noun | bags and suitcases packed with personal belongings | If you need help with your baggage we have a cart you can use. |
Bed and Breakfast
noun | a home that offers a place to stay and a place to eat | I can book you into a beautiful Bed and Breakfast on the lake. |
noun | a staff member who helps guests withtheir luggage | The bellboy will take your bags to your room for you. |
verb | arrange to stay in a hotel | I can book your family in for the weekend of the seventh. |
adj | full, no vacancies | I'm afraid the hotel is booked tonight. |
noun | small booklets that provide information on the local sites and attractions | Feel free to take some brochures to your room tolook at. |
verb | go to the front desk to receive keys | You can check-in anytime after four o'clock. |
noun | return the keys and pay for the bill | Please return your parking pass when you check-out. |
complimentary breakfast
noun | free of charge | All of our rooms have complimentary soap, shampoo, and coffee. |
cot, rollaway bed
noun | a single bed on wheels thatfolds up | If you need an extra bed, we have cots available. |
damage charge
noun | money a guest owes for repairs to hotel property (when caused by violent or careless acts) | We will have to add a damage charge for the hole you put in the wall. |
noun | amount paid ahead of time to secure a reservation | You will not receive your deposit back if you cancel. |
double bed
noun | abed large enough for two people | They are a family of four, so give them a room with two double beds. |
noun | a level of the building | The swimming pool is on the main floor. |
front desk, reception
noun | the place where guests go to check in and out and to get information | Towels are available at the front desk. |
noun | a person that is staying at the hotel | Ourwashrooms are for guests only. |
noun | a very inexpensive place for backbackers and travelers on a budget | In the hostel you probably won't get your own room. |
hotel manager
noun | person in charge at the hotel | I'll let you make your complaint to the hotel manager. |
housekeeping, maid noun | staff members that clean the rooms and linen | Put a sign on the door if you wanthousekeeping to come in and change the sheets on the bed. |
ice machine
noun | a machine that automatically makes ice that guests can use to keep drinks cold | There is an ice machine by the elevator on all of the even numbered floors. |
indoor pool
noun | place for guests to swim inside the hotel | The heated indoor pool is open until 10 pm. |
noun | another word for "hotel" | There's an innon the other side of town that has a vacancy. |
Jacuzzi, hot tub, whirl pool
noun | a small hot pool for relaxation | Our honeymoon room has a personal hot tub. |
king-size bed
noun | extra large bed | A room with a king size bed costs an extra ten dollars a night. |
noun | a small fridge and cooking area | Your room has a kitchenette so you can prepare your own breakfasts andlunches. |
late charge
noun | a fee for staying past the check-out time | You will be charged a ten dollar late charge for checking out after 11 am. |
noun | sheets, blankets, pillow cases | We will come in and change the linens while you are out of your room. |
noun | large open area at the front of the hotel | You can stand in the lobby and wait for your bus. |
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