How to become a geisha

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  • Publicado : 1 de diciembre de 2010
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How to become a Geisha?
Today women who want to become Geishas start training after they have left school. First they become apprenticeGeishas and have an older sister, an older Geisha, who helps them and shows them what to do and what not to do. This is the phase in theireducation when they get to wear a lot of make-up and pretty and colourful dresses. Later on their make-up is not as heavy any more and theywear kimonos which are not as colourful and rather simple. After about 5 years of training, going with their sister and going to school, anapprentice Geisha is finally ready to go out into the world all by herself. Mostly Geishas start to look for their own appartments once theyare not apprentice Geishas anymore rather than keep on living in the Okiya. Once a Geisha, most women find a danna for themselves. A danna isa man who is wealthy and can provide for the Geisha. Geishas are women who do not get married or, if they do so, they have to retire fromtheir job. Often the danna is a man they are in love with, though. It is him who provides them with the money for the apartment and thekimonos, etc. This is also the only man a Geisha usually has sexual relations with. Otherwise a Geisha does not sleep with men. She onlyentertains them. To become a Geisha is a long and hard way, but once women are Geishas they have a good life, as long as they do their job well.
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