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Purified - Of Mice & Men (Lyrics)
Subido por ItsUnicornVenom el 16/10/2011
Obviously don't own the audio.

Feel free to drop a comment orsomething with a song suggestion for another video xx.
* Me gusta: 937, No me gusta: 6
* Artista: Of Mice & Men
* Comprar "Purified" en: iTunes
Mejores comentarios* Vic Fuentes, Kellin Quinn, and Michael Jagmin do have... higher pitched voices... but that doesn't mean that they're bad. Their bands are lovely! c:
Rouhanashi hace 1 mes 160
* why arethe top comments about other band members not in of mice & men
yunuemm26 hace 3 semanas 35
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* wtf whyy do ikeep seeing other bands here and not om&m?
Cynthia gomez hace 2 horas
* vids like thisis why youtube needs a love button, like is not enough!
theguywiththat1face hace 2 días en la listade reproducción awsomness
* how could this mean they are bad?
mathabs95 en respuesta a Rouhanashi (Mostrar el comentario) hace 2 días
* PtV has nothing on Etienne Sin. That man has such arange, he can do everything, high, mid, low, growl, scream, squeal, deathgrowl etc.
Elrohof en respuesta a Brandon Merchant (Mostrar el comentario) hace 2 días
* Honestly...Shayley Bourget'svoice is my fav out of ALL the other vocalists listed below, followed by Johnny Franck (formerly of Attack Attack!, obviously), and then Matty Mullins (Memphis May Fire). IMO
Andrew Gay hace 2 días...
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