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Additional Information about
Finale 2007 for Windows
Finale 2007 Read Me, July 2006
Copyright © 2006, MakeMusic, Inc.

Congratulations on your purchase of Finale 2007 for Windows!

IMPORTANT: Read this document before you begin working with Finale 2007 and print a copy of it to keep with your Finale information.

This file contains important information about Finale 2007 not includedin the User Manual as well as information about converting older files into the new version's format. Please note that Finale 2007 files cannot be opened in previous versions of Finale.

This document is organized by each version's changes; those of you already familiar with earlier versions may wish to read only the new information. The Read Me contains the following sections:

Running Finale2007
New features in Finale 2007
Fixes in Finale 2007

You may also visit our web site, for updated information about Finale and information on new releases.

Running Finale 2007

System Requirements
Finale 2007 for Windows requires Windows 2000 /XP, a minimum 256MB RAM, and 200MB of free hard drive space.
An additional 800MB of hard drive space is required for allGPO sounds. To make the most of Kontakt for Finale with GPO, we recommend at least 1 GB of RAM.

Installing Finale 2007

If any previous version of Finale has been installed on the machine, Finale 2007 recommends that you restart your computer and log on as System Administrator before installing. This will prevent erroneous font warnings.

We recommend that you install Finale, and anyother software, when logged in as System Administrator.

If you encounter problems during installation, we recommend that you turn off any programs running in the background, as virus detectors can often prevent Finale from installing necessary files and updating the registry. Rest assured, your Finale CD does not contain any viruses. To turn off all programs running in the background: PressCtrl-Alt-Delete, then click on Task Manager. This lists every process that is running on the system. Explorer and Systray are always running, so leave them alone. If you see anything other than those two, click on any one of the others and click End Task. When that goes away, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete again and End Task on another one in the list. (If a program remains on the list after you have tried toEnd Task on it, click on it, click and hold on End Task for 10 seconds, then release it. If a "This program is not responding..." message appears, click End Task in it). Repeat the process until only Explorer and Systray are left. Some computers may have some other "required" programs - if Ending Task on a program crashes the computer, try again without Ending Task on that program.

AuthorizingFinale 2007
The first time you launch Finale, you will be prompted to authorize. To authorize a single copy of Finale, click Authorize Now! to open the Authorization Wizard (or, from the Help Menu, choose Authorize Finale). Then follow the instructions to authorize your copy of Finale via the Internet, phone, or mail. If you choose not to authorize, you will be prompted to do so each time youlaunch Finale. If you do not register within thirty days, printing and saving are disabled until you choose to authorize.

Note that the User/Authorization Codes are computer specific, and will only work on the given computer installation. Make sure that the Authorization Code is typed in using capital letters, and also verify that the correct serial number has been entered. Your copy of Finale canbe authorized on two computers simultaneously. However, with an Internet connection, authorization can be moved from one computer to another at will. Simply choose Deauthorize Finale from the Help Menu to open up a free slot. Your copy of Finale can now be authorized on a different computer. When you Deauthorize, printing and saving are disabled until authorization has been restored.

If you...
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