Is higgins a new person?

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Is Higgins a new person?

Pygmalion, like the myth it is meant to mirror, is a story about transformation. Eliza is able to create an appearance of change, but has Higgins made a similar change or is he the same Note Taker we meet on Wimpole Street? Has he actually learned anything in the ending? Is he a better man in the end because of Eliza? The only way to answer this prompt is by makinga close reading of the passage which begins, “You call me a brute…” and ends, “If you can’t appreciate what you’ve got, you’d better get what you appreciate” (128-130).

When the story begin Higgins was shown as a remarkable professor of phonetics, he was always focus and short moments he would act like a normal human being. When Eliza met with Higgins, he treated her like a little stupid girlthat didn´t knew how to speak, he thought she was a little bit dummy, but he never need that in some moment she could be a complete headache.
He was always a very calculative person, and the idea of some one insulting his work because that person could not expressed in a good way using proper language made him angry. He never thought that after helping a poor girl to become a lady wouldbring that many problems. Especially because when Eliza went to leave with Higgins she was almost every day with him so he got used to having her as a company in that sort of way she made many things changed around him. He was used be by himself, no one ever bother him with stupid questions or try and make him feel go around people, but being with Eliz opened the possibility of becoming a “normal“person.
“HIGGINS [with dignity, in his finest professional style] You have caused me to lose my temper: a thing that has hardly ever happend to me before. I prefer to say nothing more tonight. I am going to bed.”(Shaw-act I). As you can see he did change, it might not be for her, but yes because of the idea of being alone again. Throw out the whole novel he never showed a moment of weakness becausehe is not used to be point with the finger or heard things about him that weren´t true, that might be the reason for him to be that close with his feelings, many people would say that his changes were only momentary but you can really se the difference from the Higgins in the beginning, he wouldn´t never try to explain a girl that he felt wasn´t that much of a person who his words weren´t whatshe thought they were and who he was sorry if his words might hurt her feelings in some way. Almost no one notice the change he is having because they are more focus on the change that Eliza is having, leaving Higgins out of the hook, Leaving only the attention to Eliza and forgetting that the reason for that change was having more problems than any one to accept she was completely different thanwhen they started the experiment.
Even if anyone recognized the changes that Higgins was having, in some way he was starting to recognized them, he had never been so long living with a woman, much less one that did all that he wanted to. However, these changes produced new feelings that anyone could understand. He had never been as angry as when she left him, Higgins never went out looking for awoman after she left him because of a fight. These changes were very significan to the end of the story because that was one of the reasons of Eliza to leave him; he never really treated her with respect so that made her furious about him. How can he asker to marry others guy? was his pride more important than his feelings? She didn´t understand why he was atting like that “HIGGINS.[…] I shouldn'tbother about it if I were you. I should imagine you won't have much difficulty in settling yourself, somewhere or other, though I hadn't quite realized that you were going away. [She looks quickly at him: he does not look at her, but examines the dessert stand on the piano and decides that he will eat an apple]. You might marry, you know. [He bites a large piece out of the apple, and munches...
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