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  • Publicado : 2 de agosto de 2010
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Fans of Millionaires 'pressed' the players in the training

A group superior to 600 followers of the club albiazul appeared firstly in her(it) sedatesports, in the north of Bogota, and later in Cafam's Club. From the previous Wednesday one was handling a version of a march of a group of the members of ' brave bar ' of Millionaires withdestination(destiny) to her(it) sedates of training, located in the highway North in the capital of the country.
And finally this Thursday in hours of the morning a group superior to 600 followers directed up to thesite(place) of practices of the 'ambassadors', but not to be there to the professional group they decided to leave up to Cafam's Rural Club, where it was the appointment of the football players andthe technical body that leads Oscar Quintabani.
" Here there came many of these fans, we do not allow them the entry to the estate, call to a group of reaction of the police and after waiting herethey went away. Since always there had the rebellious(naughty) some, but ultimately nothing happened(passed) to major ", it(he,she) made clear one of the personnel of sedates sports Futbolred a fewminutes ago.
Meanwhile a civil servant of the division of Cafam's sports affirmed: " We Had some problems with the bars and still(yet) we cannot give him(her) any information in the matter. The safetypeople are in the principal door and they are the managers of giving the information of the case ".

Another witness of the fact affirmed Futbolred that the inflamed fans wanted to deposit by force tosedate of the box compensation and because of it there became priority the presence of the police force. The manifestation managed to clog during several minutes the traffic of vehicles at aheight(the level) of 222 with Highway North.
It is necessary to indicate that from the previous Saturday, when Millionaires he(she) conquered 1-0 to Cúcuta in the stadium The Campín, were observed placards...
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