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It's a flying machine heavier than air, it flies through the wind and one or more threads that keep it from the ground in flight posture. It is a traditional game, but also kite competitions are held involving mainly adults since 1980 are old-fashioned contests that involve hundreds of contestants.
By its construction, it will normally flies kites in open and windy places, such as open fieldsor beaches, etc..


The kites were born in ancient China. It is known around 1200 a. C. were used as military signaling device. The movements and colors of the kites were messages that were communicated during the gap between military detachments.
In Europe in the twelfth century children playing with kites and they added strings to make them sound. It is worth explaining the roleplayed by kites as atmospheric measuring equipment. The politician and inventor Benjamin Franklin used a kite to research and invent the lightning arrester. Today, the kite maintains its popularity among children of all cultures.
The evolution of kites appears to have directly influenced the invention of the gliders, parachutes and gliders, the Chinese used kites with sometimes large curvedplanes that allowed them to take advantage of the sustaining force of the Bernoulli effect, in the late nineteenth century, inspired by an Australian such as kites and gliders of Otto Lilienthal designed the wings with such a profile, that these and the use of a motor light enough and powerful internal explosion would have resulted in inventing the first practical aircraft operated by the Wrightbrothers in 1903.

Fun fact: in French is called cerf-volant "flying deer", but that name comes from the Occitan Serpa-wheel , the shape of the comets with long tails flapping in the wind.
kites, originating in ancient China, provide hundreds of hours of gameplay. That if, in need of lightweight materials in order to sail through the skies.
Which are the parts of a kite?
The parts of a cometare:
In a kite can there are differentiated parts: frame or structure, coated or sailing, mooring and stabilizing or tail.
Kites fly under the same principle that occurs in the wing of an airplane. A flat surface exposed in a stream of air under an angle makes the air is diverted down, which makes the wind on the bottom of the kite is slowed, giving rise to a depression in the top of the plane.Consequently, there is an aerodynamic force which decomposes into a horizontal component or air resistance and a lift force, which is bringing to the kite winning weight. The kite flies in equilibrium when the string tension compensates for air resistance and excess buoyancy.
As with any flying object, the kites have three axes of rotation: pitch, roll and yaw. For the kite has a stable flightis necessary to control the three axes, preventing its rotation with respect to them. By the thread and the flanges is achieved control pitching and rolling. The yaw is achieved by tails, fins, holes or vertical panels cellular kites.

Utility: kites have been used in various fields: scientists, mathematicians, physicists, military, etc.. For example:
Its military use was in the war, driving awhite torpedoes, this gave very good results .
Not only that, but thanks to the kite, Benjamin Franklin proved lightning and the nature of this invention discovered the "lightning rod."
In the navigation, meteorology and photography) was used also the kite.


Now is the time to make it fly:
A partner holds the kite in a vertical position and attach another wire to a distance of 5meters.
He has the thread start running and the other before feeling the pull of the thread release the kite up.
In this way our kite will fly through the sky.
Releasing more high fly thread. It is important to make it fly in clear areas away from power lines or trees and on sunny days and a little windy.

Models: people around the world, with the existence of the kite began to develop...
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