Life during greath depression

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Life during the Great Depression
The years of 1930 are basically emerged as the Great Depression. Throughout our lives we have learned all about our history, either by books or pictures. In thiscase we have one of the most influential photography of the Great Depression of 1930, “Migrant Mother” by Dorothea Lange.
A woman looking into the distance aimlessly, her eyes illustrates sadness withno hope, her age is around the 30’s but her deeply lined face make her look older. Her right hand is on her chin thinking how to solve their difficult situation. She has three children two of them arestanding by her side with their faces hidden, scare of what can happen to them if they leave their mother, the other is a sleeping baby that is on her lap. Obviously, she has done everything for herfamily but has nothing left to give them. They are homeless and unhealthy, thin and malnourished, their clothes are dirty and torn, and have nothing left that can help them survive.
Most of thepeople believe that migrating to the U.S. could help them with a better life, but they were totally wrong. The migrant’s life was not easy, they had to work all day long and sometimes they did not haveanything to eat. They also suffer every time the work was finished, because they had to remain unemployed for several months until the harvest season stated again (Gordon 705). The work was done byeveryone regarding their age, if they wanted to eat at least frozen vegetables they had to work really hard.
Dorothea Lange photography was taken in the California pea pickers’ camp during the Greatdepression of 1930’s. Lange was hired by the Farm Security Administration and assigned to take photographs of migrant workers. The FSA photography project was designed to explore the social and economicrelations of American agricultural labor (Gordon 698), and to convince Congress to provide aid to farmers (Silbey 1273).
In order to do their job Lange and other workers had to travel to the pea...
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