Machote capitulaciones matrimoniales

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Minutes of marriage settlements

. . . . . . . . Appeared the Mr. …., person age of majority, identified with the identity card nº.... issued on... Colombian and neighbor of..., State civilBachelor and Miss...., person of legal age, identified with the identity card nº.... issued on... Colombian and neighbor of...., State civil maiden and stated:
THE FIRST. The exponents agreed to marry eachother Catholic (or civil) the day...for the month of...... . year in... in the city of...
SECOND PARTY. They have agreed according to the provisions of the 1771 articles to the Civil Code 1780,celebrate through this public document marriage settlements.
THIRD PARTY. Wishing according to the previous clause are in the future marital society the following assets currently possess: property of theLord....: real estate... (it should be determined specifically) Furniture... (also must determine specifically). Assets of Miss....: real estate... (it should be determined specifically).Furniture... (you also must specify).
FORTH PARTY. Also express that definitively exclude future marital society the following goods: the Lord's own estate.....; (you must specify). Movable property of Mr. ….:(must specify). Real estate own Miss ….: (should be ascertained). Movable property of the Miss.....: (should be ascertained).
FIFTH. That it also exclude assets for the future purchase each spousewith the product of your own work, this always and when the record signed by both exponents.
SIXTH. Also excluded and definitively the future marital society, the assets that each spouse acquires as aresult of the goods as set out in the fourth paragraph of this document. In the event they are it will appear in the respective public deed and whether they are furniture by a writing signed by bothspouses.
SEVENTH. They manifest themselves in the same way as debts or liabilities which currently possess each of the witnesses, will remain in the name of each one of them, which stipulate that:...
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