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  • Publicado : 1 de septiembre de 2012
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José Manuel Antonio Hinojosa

The sea of monsters

Rick Riordan

Chapter 1

This story starts with Percy’s nightmare. It is like this: he was in the beach, thesky was very dark, and the wind was furious. It was a big storm. It was horrible. The storm was so powerful that destroyed some palms. Then Percy heard hooves clattering against the pavement. He wasGrover, his best friend; he was running for his life. Grover was scared. Grover is a satyr; a satyr is like an animal with sheep feet and bull horns. Well, Grover was running to stores. After he camein a wedding dress store. Then a monster appears and tried to kill to Grover. Finally the monster shout: ‘’Miiiine’’.

Percy’s nightmare was incredible and scary. I liked it because it woke myinterest. Anyone that has learned this book liked the nightmare. The nightmare was very confused and rare. Yes it’s true but I think that in the final I am going to understand Percy’s nightmare.Besides I liked the nightmare because it does that I imagine the next chapter and another, and… the nightmare, maybe, is the most important in the story. But I have some questions: Why a wedding dress? Whydid monster attack to Grover? Where was Percy Jackson? Why did he dream it? I have many questions.

After the nightmare, Percy wake up and he is very confused for his nightmare. Then his momcame in his room. She tells him: ‘’Get up Percy, it is last day of school’’. Then Percy tells her ‘’Coming’’. Then he gets dressed and goes to the kitchen. Later he sees a blue waffles and blue eggs, hismom was cooking that. After he eats the waffles and eggs, quickly, he is very late. His mom is dressed in her work uniform: a starry blue skirt and a red and white striped blouse and her hair pulledback in a ponytail. Then his mom asks him: ‘’Percy, Are you ok?’’ Percy tells her: ‘’Yeah…fine.’’ Percy tells her that he dreamed. His mom speaks with Percy, and his mom tells him that they can...