Management skill

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Management Skills
Management is a skill that can be learned. Some of the skills a good manager needs are explained in these articles.

Coaching (11) Mentoring (2)
Communication (14)Public Speaking (10)
Manage Conflict (9)

Approve Expense Reports
Guidelines for the review and approval of expense reports
Good Management Is Predictive Management Not Reactive Management
GoodManagement Is Predictive Management Not Reactive Management, This article explains the difference between predictive management and reactive management and outlines how to improve your skill inpredictive management.
Job Interview Questions to Ask
What are the top questions a manager wants to ask of a prospective employe in a job interview and what do they tell you.
Meeting Management
Meetingscan be very productive. Or they can be a tremendous waste of time. These simple guidelines can help you make your


Coaching is one of the essential skills of a good manager. These linkscan help you improve your skill in this important area.

Employee Coaching: When Not To Step In
Employees can't learn if their manager does their work. You have to let people make mistakes if theyare to learn. You can't just let them flounder on their own. Employee Coaching: When To Step In helps you decide when to step in and when to hang back and let them learn.
Coach U
Coach U offers avery thorough training and certification program for individuals offering their services as a personal coach. They also offer a directory of their graduates and sponsor regular conferences and trainingopportunities. This is one of the best resources for coaches or prospective coaches.
Coaches Training Institute
The Institute offers training modules for current and aspiring professional andpersonal coaches. Their emphasis is on their Co-Active Coaching Model, which helps coaches approach their task as an "empowerer" rather than as an "advisor."
Coaching Behaviors and Skills
In this...
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