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1-The number 2, the most modern. Because it describes better the movie and the events that will happen in the film in most important situations, with the passage of timedeveloping many images more real and that catches the viewer.
2-The scenarios are more compatible with the characters, the costumes they are more science fiction than in the old video that aremore colonial, but the facts in the first trailer house very specifically describe the facts to the contrary, the new trailer only most important events.
3-Yes, because in the two even a better effect of theother are equal in Perseus, the Pegasus, is the very basis of history, but they change some small events of the movie by the same rate of progress the tegnology, but do not change the outcome of thestory.
4-Perseus grows with your new family now has a daughter. They visited an island where the statue of Zeus, but the inhabitants of Argos, led by their king, destroy the statueof Zeus and Hades envious brother (played by Ralph Fiennes) decides to take revenge for it and kills them all, including the adoptive family of Perseus. Since this cannot rescue them, comes to the surface and thesoldiers manage to save him, they take him to the city center where a party with the king, but Hades interrupts to warn them that if they do not sacrifice the princess Andromeda in the next solar eclipse, thedemon Kraken will destroy the city in retaliation.
5- Perseus: The mortal son of Zeus is a classic warrior like all action movies, live adventures, and obstacles and live is the main character of all.  Io: The companion of Perseus on his journey is tender, sweet and accompanies Perseus on his adventures almost like living them and their occurrences.
Zeus: It is confirmed as the king ofthe gods, is a terrible god and sarcastic, instills fear and respect for all causes.
Hades is the god of underworld that feeds on human fear any, is fearful, dangerous and evil infuses just look at...
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