Michigan's report

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Michigan’s Report
Michigan, is the one of the 50 states of the USA, located in the Midwest of the country. The capital of Michigan is Lansing, and the borders of Michigan are the states Ohio andIndiana.
The motto in Michigan is : “Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice” , that means :”If you look for a pleasant peninsula ,look around you”
Michigan’s nickname
Michigan is called, “TheWolverine State” because, around 1835, during a dispute over the Toledo street, a place of land along the border between Ohio and Michigan. Rumors in Ohio at the time described michiganians as being asvicious and bloodthirsty as wolverines. This dispute became known as the Toledo War.

Another reason given for the nickname is a story that has Native Americans, during the 1830s, comparing Michigansettlers to wolverines. Some native people, according to this story, disliked the way settlers were taking the land because it made them think of how the gluttonous wolverine went after its food.Michigan’s Flag
The flag of the Michigan state, is about coat of arms on a blue base.
The design of this flag that is represented have a skyblue shield, which is a sunrise over a lake and peninsula,on this one man with one hand raised and the other resting on a rifle, representing peace and the ability to defend it. A moose and a reindeer animals representing Michigan, while the bald eaglerepresents the United States.

Typical foods of Michigan
The huge sandwiches can be found throughout the country, but the largest in the country can be found in Birch Run, Michigan, Tonys I-75, aspresented in Sandwich Paradise Travel Channel. There, you'llfind the worlds most artery-clogging BLT. Each contains more than a pound of bacon.

The most important cities of Michigan
About 75% of thepopulation lives in Michigan and urban areas. The main cities of the state are:
 Detroit (also known as "Motor City" or "Motown").
 Grand Rapids (also known as The Furniture City).