Minority report

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  • Publicado : 17 de mayo de 2011
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Minority Report
Have you thought how the future will be? Do you know how the cars are going to be in the future?
This is how on a movie called Minority report think that the future is going tobe, and also here is my opinion about it.
In the year 2054 (in the future), crime was eliminated from Washington, thanks to the company Precrime. This company used three humans with powers calledPrecogs so in that way they could see the future and prevent any crime. When the three precogs Agatha, Dash and Art, who only work together, floating connected in a tank of fluid, have a vision, the namesof the victim and the perpetrator as well as video imagery of the crime and the exact time it will happen, are given out to the special cops who then try to prevent the crime from happening.
Oneday Precogs predict that John Anderton will commit a murder in 36 hours, but this was a trap. He was trying to prevent that vision because he didn’t want to kill anybody, so he rapture Agatha (one ofthe three precogs) and in that way he could find what to do, and solve that problem.
Anderton lost his son, six years ago in 2048, named Sean (this was a reason to make that trap and in that way hewould be dismissed from the company that was the objective of the bad guy) but his ex- wife stills alive. However after, he killed the person that he was “supposed” to killed, and the people of precrimeput him in jail because of that. This event was a disappointment to the company and for Washington D.C, because it was supposed that any crime be carried out, that’s the reason of the name Precrime,to prevent the crimes and suffering of other innocent people. At the end of the story John Anderton escape from jail, the company of Precrime was over, the three precogs where released so they couldlive in peace, and John and his wife had a baby, but they never forgot Sean.
I think that this movie has many teachings, one of them is that you do not choose the things you believe, they will...
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