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  • Publicado : 19 de agosto de 2012
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Bonne Maman Marketing plan

Product strategy
Bonne Maman is an enterprise which is active in the consumer goods industry, in general this contains mostly out of convenience products, this is not different for the new yoghurt ice-cream.

Characteristics: Ice-cream is a frequent purchase with minimal buying effort for the consumer because it is widely distributed in all kinds of consumer goodsshops. Because of the good infrastructure, the yoghurt ice-cream is produced in massive quantities and has a very small cost. (economies of scale and scope + technology and infrastructure) Consumers tend to be less price sensitive for low priced products and base their choice more on taste and quality. (no expenditure effect)

Product mix

There are three main categories in the product rangeof Bonne Maman: Confitures et compotes, les gateaux, yaourts et desserts. It is very obvious that our new product is categorized in the last category, so within ‘yaourts et desserts’ or translated as ‘yoghurts and desserts’.

The product line of ’yoghurts and desserts’ is already very elaborated, we can find here: chocolate mousse, rice pouding, egg creams and other sweet desserts. Together inthis family of products, our yoghurt ice-cream will get his spot, it means we are doing a range extension within the brand. The line depth of the yoghurt ice-cream will be, and can be very varied, which guarantees the possibility to cover a wide range of the segment. To elaborate the line depth, we can keep the basic of yoghurt ice-cream and add other flavors to differentiate the product. Becausewe already work at Bonne Maman with all kinds of fruit varieties, caramel and chocolate; these items can easily be integrated at very low additional costs.

Individual Product

1. Product attributes
Yoghurt ice-cream of Bonne Maman is a tasteful dessert made of frozen yoghurt and fruit varieties. The yoghurt ice-cream is sold in units of 500ml and contains ingredients of superiorquality which resembles in a delicious and tasteful product. It is a healthy alternative for traditional ice-creams with far less calories and fats. While introducing the product the range of varieties will be modest, but when time passes more fruity flavors will be added to the yoghurt base.
Concerning the design we choose for ’the old look’ which highlights the qualitative ingredients, traditionsand values of Bonne Maman.
A spoon fabricated out of plastic is joined with the yoghurt ice-cream and is attached in the top, for additional eating convenience.

2. Branding
The branding of the product will be focused on the company name, as it is with all brands of Bonne Maman. At the introduction phase, special marketing campaigns will be focused on the yoghurt ice-cream product, butgeneral brand image and outlook will be the same as the other products, because it is the strength of Bonne Maman.

3. Packaging

Primary packaging:
Technical: For the product packaging we choose for cardboard because it is a very cheap product, recyclable, eco-friendly and not unimportant for this product, it has thermal insulating capacities.
Marketing: Oval shape (looks likethe jam jugs), gingham- pattern in red and with as a top, brand image printed on the front, other information on the back. (barcode, recycling labels, product explanation, ingredients, nutrients values,…)
Shipping packaging:
Technical: Also cardboard is used for the same reasons as with primary packaging.

4. Labeling
Handwritten script label of Bonne Maman, natural product,barcode, recycling label, nutrients values, contact information, ingredients, weight, expiry date, environmental label, sanitary label.

Brand strategy

Bonne Maman is a very strong brand and is immediately recognizable in the supermarket. The strength lies in the design of its product packaging, the checked structure which they use as covers on their jugs. The checked design is also used as a sign...
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