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  • Publicado : 8 de febrero de 2012
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1. Scientists ..... hard to find a new and effective treatment which ..... most-scared diseases.

[pic]A) have been struggling / will cure
[pic]B) struggled / had been curing
[pic]C) willstruggle / have cured
[pic]D) are struggling / are being cured
[pic]E) have struggled / were curing
2. In two years, many of our school friends ....., and then we ..... no hardship in keeping ourinternational business going.

[pic]A) graduated / had had
[pic]B) are graduating / have had
[pic]C) have graduated / will have
[pic]D) graduate / would have
[pic]E) will graduate / will have
3. Thegirls ...... a game called 'bomb' for almost ten minutes when the teacher suddenly ..... the classroom.

[pic]A) have played / will enter
[pic]B) were playing / entered
[pic]C) are playing / comes[pic]D) had been playing / entered
[pic]E) played / was entering
4. It is five months since we ....... over this company.

[pic]A) have taken
[pic]B) had taken
[pic]C) will take
[pic]D) aretaking
[pic]E) were taking
5. When I .... into him on the street, he said he .... abroad for business affairs that evening.

[pic]A) ran / was going
[pic]B) will run / would go
[pic]C) had run / isgoing
[pic]D) have run / will be going
[pic]E) ran / will go
6. The government ..... action into increasing taxes as soon as they ..... by the IMF authorities.

[pic]A) takes /will be urged[pic]B) took / had been urged
[pic]C) is taking / have been urged
[pic]D) had taken /were urged
[pic]E) will take / have urged
7. Don't you think it .... time we ..... typing the report.

[pic]A)has been / have started
[pic]B) is / started
[pic]C) will be / are starting
[pic]D) was / started
[pic]E) would be / had started
8. China ...... greatly in terms of its cultural values over thepast five years.

[pic]A) changed
[pic]B) is changing
[pic]C) has changed
[pic]D) will have changed
[pic]E) had changed
9. I feel lucky to have found a well-paid job on time, otherwise .........
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