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a.) Tim O’Brian is the protagonist of the novel, and one key action he made was to go to the Vietnam War. The reason why he did was because of what he thought hiscity would say to him, and he didn’t want to upset his family. He seems like the type of person who tries to please everyone, and is afraid of what people think, but he changesthroughout the novel in many situations.
a.) Lemon's sister Curt Lemon's sister, who did not respond to Kiley's letter about her brother'sdeath because, presumably, she found the letter's content disturbing and inappropriate. She resembles America thinking the war was disturbing and inappropriate. Not wanting toopen the letter is like the American citizens not wanting to go to war because they disagreed with it.
b.) Mary Anne Bell Girlfriend to soldier Mark Fossie, she representsthe corruption of innocence that takes place in war. She arrives wearing "white culottes and this sexy pink sweater," fresh from suburban U.S., and becomes a bestialinstrument of death, scarier than even the Green Berets. This shows what the war can do to people, come in one way, leave another way. War veterans have really bad changes after warthat is very hard to change back to normal.
c) The young soldier in the field died from Tim O’Brian shooting him. This brings a lot of emotional stress to himbecause, for some reason this young soldier reminds him of himself, and he starts thinking about how this young man never had a chance for a real life, and about his life… did hehave a family, was he a kid who was put in the military unwillingly, and what would his family think? This plays a big role in how O’Brian fights in the war from that point on.
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