My greatest goal

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  • Publicado : 16 de noviembre de 2010
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“My Greatest Goal in Life”
As I always say, my greatest goal in life is to become a physician. Not any doctor, but a pediatric gastroenterologist. I know it’ll take me several years toaccomplish my biggest goal, but I will not stop until I achieve it. There are three main reasons why I want t become a pediatric gastroenterologist; to help children with my same health condition, to make myfamily feel proud, and most of all, to feel proud of myself and live the life I dream.
There are only eleven pediatric gastroenterologists in Puerto Rico and looking at this number, compared tothe hundred thousands of children in the island, we can see how much we need these doctors. Personally, I can say that we do need them, since I’ve had serious stomach problems all my life, and most ofthem ended up in emergency surgeries. Stomach problems need to be controlled and detected on time, because if they are found out too late, they can mortal. Our children live in a society full of fastfoods and unhealthy meals. This is one of the main reasons why our children are going through gastritis problems, and gastritis is a problems that over time becomes worse if not treated; it can evenlead to cancer and other stomach diseases. I want to help stop these problems in our children.
When it comes to the family side, I’m not just talking about my mother, father, and little brother.I include my uncles, cousins, and other family members. There isn’t a single member in my family yet, that has been to a medicine school; therefore, I want to be the first. I wake up every single dayand ask God to make my day better than the day before. I ask Him to be my guide. I want all my family members to proudly say Dr. Angel A. Ramos Gil, a pediatric gastroenterologist, is a member of myfamily, especially my little brother, because I’m his role model, I can’t disappoint him. I can’t fail to my family.
I dream of a life full of success in many aspects. I want to achieve my...
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