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Hi, there. Welcome to the home page for chapter 1. A home page is where you’ll find out about the topic of a chapter- and the topic for this chapter is… present time.
My name is simple present I’m averb tense. This chapter is about me- and also about my friend, present progressive. I now you’re already familiar with us. Look at these examples:
I sleep every night.
I talk to students every day“I sleep” “I talk” so …. That’s me, the simple present. I let you talk about things we do every day.
Now how about this?
I’m not sleeping right now.
I’m talking to you.
That’s another presenttense, the present progressive. As you can see, he lets you talk about right now. You’ll meet him soon.
We’ll tell you all about ourselves in this chapter.
But first, we’d like to show you ourselvesin action. So click on the arrow to go to the next screen. It’s a preview of the grammar in this chapter. Look for us there.
GIANNI: Our first day of classes, amy, and I feel great! I’m glad we’retaking English together.
AMY: Mmm. Gianni, are we walking in the right direction?
GIANNI: yeah, sure we are…. I think. Mmm… DO you have a campus map?
Amy: uh, oh, oh, I’m looking for it…. Oh, oh, no.oh, here it is. Ok. Now, we’re here, right in from of the science building. Do you see the science building?
GIANNI: Uh, yes, I do.
AMY: Well, look. We’re going to the building right behind it.It’s the humanities building. It has the tower with the bell on top.
GIANNI:oh yeah. Well, I hear the bells. And uh, now I see the tower! Hey! Do you want to get some coffee?
AMY: No, I don’t. We don’thave time for coffee now. I mean, I don’t want to be late on the firt day.
GIANNI: Relax. Relax. It doesn’t matter. Students often arrive late on the first day. Professors understand that. A newstudent goes to the wrong building, misses the bus, stands in line at the bookstore..
AMY: What! I never arrive late, Gianni! I’m heading straight for class.
GIANNI: But… Amy, slow down! I’m coming...
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