Panda bear endangered

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  • Publicado : 20 de febrero de 2011
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Karla Aglae Evans Villagomez
Are panda bears endangered?
Giant pandas are an endangered species and in fact, are the representatives of all endangered animals. There are onlyaround 2,500 giant pandas left, worldwide. They are amongst the most threatened species of bears. Their population is on a considerable decline and this calls for prompt attention and action, to savethem from extinction. A giant panda is also the official symbol of the 'World Wildlife Fund' (WWF). Red pandas are classified as 'vulnerable' and could become endangered soon, if their populationcontinues to decrease.
Endangered panda bears are mammals, mainly belonging to the South Western and Central regions of China. They are found in the Gansu, Sichuan and Shaanxi provinces of China andalso in the Qinling Mountains, along with some areas of India and Bhutan. The two most common panda bears are the giant panda and the red panda. Giant pandas can be distinctively identified due to thelarge black patches around their eyes, legs, ears, arms and muzzle. They are an integral part of the Chinese culture, especially Chinese art, and they are fondly called the 'large black-cats'. They aregood tree climbers and swimmers, and mainly feed on the bamboo plant. An interesting giant panda fact is that, one giant panda can eat as much as 83 kg of bamboo everyday. Red pandas have a longstructure and also feed on the bamboo plant.
Reasons for Endangerment

There are various reasons that have lead to the panda bears being declared endangered. A few of the reasons are listed below.Habitat Loss and Fragmentation: The habitat of panda bears is limited to the bamboo forests that are being increasingly depleted. Those that are remaining have been isolated from each other, and thisdisables the migration of panda bears. Panda bears are also loosing their habitat due to China's increasing population that is using up their resources very rapidly. Deforestation is also another...
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