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  • Publicado : 27 de agosto de 2012
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e la poluciónNote: Pollution. Intense and harmful contamination of water, air or the environment caused by waste from industrial processes or biological
or too much years we have been making damage to the world with our trash without think about the pollution that doesn’t matter to us.
Ofall over this decades the parks and cities has been polluted by us, and what we need to do if we want to stop it, we need to talk with our friends and family tomake conscience and things like that.
If we stop this we will get a better future to our children; that’s what I think and now you are going to read somethingthat has happened in my city about this theme.
For example, in Castaños the bridges of the Road 57 has been polluted by Soriana® and to them doesn’t give a fuck.Something else it’s that the climatic changes from one day to other or drastic changes in the same day, just think about it for example one thing that happens tome when I wake up it’s that I think “If I wear a sweater I will not have cold”, but at the 3:00pm when I go to my house what I think it’s “if I’ll go naked Iwill not have heat”.
And we know that maybe today we have not too much problems but maybe in the future when we will not have water to drink in the worst case, wewill have too much heat because the global warming it’s linked to the pollution.
So if we take care of the environment we will have a better life expectation.If we be nice with the environment the environment will be nice whit us.

* Realizó: Eduardo Iván Arzola Pérez - Grado: IV - Sección: A – Fecha: 23/Mayo/2012
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