Preguntas de repaso comportamiento organizacional

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Chapter 18
1. What is initial selection and what are the most useful initial selection methods?
Initial selection are the first information applicants submit and are the device used to decidewhether a applicant meet the minimum requirements.  Selection methods include applicant forms and background checks.
2. What is substantive selection and what are the most useful substantive selectionmethods?
There are methods of selection used when applicant passes the initial screens.  The most useful are written tests, performance tests and interviews.
3. What is contingent selection and whatare the arguments for and against drug testing?
Contingent tests are final tests performed on the applicant when it passes the substantial test.  Some applicants think that is an invasion to theprivacy and only needs to be performed is there is a reasonable suspicion.  On the other side employers needs to verify basically for people’s safety.
4. What are the four main types of training?
a.Formal training
b. Informal training
c. On-the-job-training
d. Off-the-job-training
5. What are the differences between formal and informal training methods and between on-the-job andoff-the-job-training?
Formal training is planned and structured in advance, informal training is unstructured, unplanned and easily adapted to situations and individuals.  On the job training includes jobrotation, apprenticeships, understudy assignments and formal mentoring programs, the problem with these are that they influence in the workplace.  Off the job trainings are those that are taken outside theworkplace, for example seminars, outside training facilities or Internet courses.
6. What are the main purposes of performance evaluation?
The main purpose is to help management make human resourcedecisions as promotions, transfers or terminations.  Also give feedback to employees and are basis for reward  allocations.
7. How can performance evaluation be improved?
a. Use multiple evaluators...
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