Prime suspect

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How To Write A Book Report

The Standard Format

• Introductory Paragraph
This paragraph should include the title of the book and name of the author. It will also describe the settingand quickly summarize what the book is about. Don't get too detailed here. It's just the introduction.

• Body Paragraphs
This is where the real content enters the picture. By readingthis part of your book report (three to four paragraphs), your teacher will be able to determine whether you read the book and understood the story.

Start by describing the main characters ofthe story. Then, describe the conflict. Common conflicts include man vs. man, man vs. nature and man vs. himself. Your book may present a different kind of conflict. Describe it in detail.

Theremaining body paragraphs should summarize the plot and describe how it relates to the conflict. Begin with the rising action, the part of the story where events build. Then describe the climax, wherethe story reaches its most dramatic or interesting point. The third paragraph should describe the falling action, when the conflict or problem is resolved.

• The Conclusion
This is anappropriate place to state your personal opinion of the book. What did you think of it? Describe its strengths and weaknesses. Would you recommend it to others? Why or why not? Remember, a winningpaper will use examples from the book to back up comments.


• Prime Suspect – LYNDA LA PLANTE
• Setting – police station , court room , london, different cities in englandThis book is about the murder of different women in england and in other different cities. This case is investigated by the best detective in the police station and his partner, but in the middleof the case he die because a heath attack. The case is given to dettective tenninson(woman). She wait for a murder case since she start working in the police station. She find out that there was a...