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The steep hills of Bogota are interesting attractions, especially for those who enjoy the heights. Monserrate is one of them. It is possible to accede in teleférico from the foot of thehill or also walking. These three alternatives depart from the same site, to approximately 100 meters of the Fifth one of Bolivar, for the route circunvalar. It is advisable not to take vehicle sincethe parqueaderos are costly, can come near for public transport with facility

In the top it is possible to have a panoramic sight of the city; his scene is a very romantic site. It is to 3.130meters on the level of the sea. It has a sanctuary of peregrination, to which they come public inspectors' great quantity. One of his singular characteristics is the sanctuary to the fallen master ofMonserrate, one of few sites in which Christ is not represented in the Cross, but in way towards her.

Botanical garden Celestino Mutis
It is an important center of study, environmental education andinvestigation. There understands an area of 20 hectares cutlery of forests sowed with several species of oaks, coniferous and beautiful landscapes.

In the garden more than 2000 species of plantsshow themselves and it possesses a wide range of educational services and cultural events as holding a permit tours, infantile workshops, etc. It relies on an area of 19 hectares that he understandsforests sowed with Andean species of coniferous and oaks, orquideario and greenhouses with plants of climates rainy, dry and hotly. Also it is possible to observe lakes, waterfalls and several beautifullandscapes.

The Candlemas
The Candlemas is considered to be the historical and cultural heart of the city for being one of the historical centers better preserved in Latin America, whichattracts several artists, writers and academicians. The visitors enjoy on having observed the colonial wealth of his architecture, specially the Colonial houses with put grates windows, ceilings of red...
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