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Sarukhán, José.Las Musas de Darwin. Fondo de Cultura Económica, S.A. de C.V. México D.F. 1988
Greene, John C.. History, humanity and evolution. Cambridge University Press. New York. 1989
Ridley,Mark. Evolution. Cambridge Mass. New York.1996

Period/Character | Year | Nationality | Contribution | Mentioned by |
Charles Darwin | 1840 | English | •Evolution: Natural selection will modifythe structure of the young in relation to the parent, and of the parent in relation to the young. In social animals it will adapt the structure of it individual for the benefit of the community. | JaneHumphreys. |
Jean Baptiste Lamarck | 1801 | French | Origin of Life and Evolution: The universe was divided into matter and nature; and matter into living and inert; living things were of two kinds-animals and plants. He also defines other important dichotomies, such as his distinctions between properties and faculties which we can find in the inert and the organic bodies; invention andimagination the former a skill that can be useful whereas the latter is based only in the formation of images; and fiction and reality. | John C. Greene |
John Herschel | 1865 | English | Evolution:Herschel established that as well as among the phenomena around us, in the vast heavens all thins are in state of change and progress. This theory was connected to a set of stories about the possibleorigin and likely history of the Solar System. | John C- Greene |
Thomas Robert Malthus | 1820 | English | Evolution: He wrote “Essay of the Beginning of the Population” in which he mentioned how thegeneral population increased in a different way in which the sources they use for their surviving do. He pertinently established that the amount of groups conformed by people all around the world tendto grow exponentially, while the resources previously mentioned grow in an arithmetic way, this means: lineally. | José Sarukhan |

Charles Darwin
He established the theory in which he described...
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