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  • Publicado : 7 de octubre de 2010
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This is about the Stories of Doctors without Borders" is a documentary by movie director Mark Hopkins. It tells the story offour doctors and their volunteer work in Liberia and the Republic of Congo.
Doctors without borders is a humanitarian organization that handles emergenciescaused by war, infectious and natural disasters. And this is the first time that they gave a documentary crew unrestricted access to it’s field operations. Some ofthey gave theirs points of view about it:
• MARK HOPKINS: "Living in Emergency" is a story about how things are, not how you wish things were.

•TOM KRUEGER: (From the U.S.A 2003): : "It was pretty much of a shock when I got here. I mean, if you are going to talk to some of your friends about some of thestuff you saw -- and you can't describe the smells, the feeling of the heat on your body and the sweat running down your back. The smell of the pus that hitsyour nose, and of unwashed bodies in a closed room. You know, the circulation, and the smell of your own panic, you know, when you're not sure what to do."• CHRIS BRASHEER: "No water, no electricity, no food -- pretty apocalyptic really."

• CHIARA LEPORA: "There are a lot of doctors who are willing tovolunteer once, but not many doctors who are willing to repeat their experience."

Doctors without Borders is structured as an international movement. It hasorganizations in nineteen countries, including the United States. 90% of its money comes from private sources. In 1999 the group received the Nobel Peace Prize.
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