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Located in the municipality of San Ignacio, Chalatenango, Cerro El Pital is characterized by the highest point in El Salvador with a height of 2730 meters above sea level

The naturalscenery of this site is exceptional where you will appreciate a panoramic view of San Salvador volcano and the "Volcano Complex" in the western part of our country.
• It is a place close to heaven whereyou can make many outdoor activities including: Birdwatching, orchids, climbing, bicimontaña or just enjoy the beautiful landscapes that nature has to offer.

Here enjoy the cooler climate of thecountry and that this mountain is located in the middle of a cloud forest often have an average temperature of 10 ° Celsius. Note that in the period from December to March, temperatures drop to 3 °Celsius.

Particularly the locals hold the belief that a meteorite that fell from heaven for thousands of years. Here you see two huge stones with a crack that divides them and that has at least 50meters deep.

You can cross them relying on a fallen tree subject to a wire. Around this point will find a small balcony where you will see a stunning landscape where the mist tour constantly.

Youcan also experiment with the service adrenaline canopy from $ 2.00 USD per person.

Where to stay

If you want to spend the night and venture out to experience the cold weather so this place may doso either in tents or cabins available to visitors at varying prices.

Cabaña1 $ 53.75 food for 4 people
Cabaña2$ 60.00 Food for 2 people
Cabaña3 $ 32.00 Without Power
Double Room $ 42.00 food for 4 people
Triple Room $ 35.00 food for 3 People Quadruple $ 33.00 food for 4people


Walk around the mountain

It is a hike for people who are not trained in this routine, it is pleasant, you can enjoy the scenery and take advantage of high purity breathing...
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