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Katia Y. Domingo Esquivel
Universidad del valle de México

English composition
Miss: Mary Carmen Albarran

April 28, 2011


Queen is a British rock band that was conformed by Freddie Mercury, John Deacon, Rodger Taylor and Brian May, it was one of the most important bands of all the times, and their music is still listened, theyare a legend of the music.
This paper is about the history of queen, how they started and how they ended letting a marc in the music history, this also talks about most famous records and songs, the hits and records they had and of course the integrants of the band.

Queen The Legend
According to Band (Members, 2 June 2010),“Queen was formed by 1971 and the band signedtheir first contract by 1973 with EMI music disco graphic. This year they did their first tour on England, then they did their first tour in United States of America and by November they edited SHEER HEART ATTACK that was a total hit in the entire world”.

“Freddie is a talent to be reckoned with. Letters, and it is clear to many fans, stand out as outstanding. From the first sentence ofKing Rat, it is clear that Freddie has a great talent for lyrics and melodies. He play with the words of an extraordinarily vivid and seductive.” ( Brooks, Taylor, 2 June 2010)

“In 1975 they released their new album, A NIGHT AT THE OPERA, and the remarkable single Bohemian Rhapsody. Duration 5 '55 should have been too extensive to be on the radio, but became one of the best singles of all time,remaining at No. 1 on the UK charts for 9 weeks.” (Members, 2 June 2010)

According to Dave (Grohl) and Taylor (Hawkins, 6 February 2010) “Queen represented rock’s bombastic pinnacle. Melding glam-rock with hard-rock, the group’s ornate, multi-tracked recordings and in-your-face songs resulted to worldwide sales of more than 130 million records.”

The original name of the bandwas “Smile” which was conformed only by Roger Taylor who was brilliant at the guitar and Brian May who was brilliant with the drums too, but they were looking for a singer so one day they met Freddie Mercury and when he notice that Brian and Roger had band he was very interested on them so after heard them play he joined the band as well as John Deacon.

By 1970 the band than originally was called“Smile” change their name to “Queen” after Freddie Mercury joined the band and he was who had the idea of change the name of the band to “Queen”, which was one best things they done because the name is just perfect to the band, it is an iconic name that owns to them, any other band used that name.

According to Stephen (Thomas Erlewine, 9 April 1974), the Queen´s second album, Queen II wascatalogued at first like more of the same thing of the first album because of the similarities of the music type and kind of songs, but the reality is that this second album is very different, this album is richer, darker and deeper than the first and it shows the growing of the band, and even when the other Queen´s albums were amazing, this album is one of the most important and some of the singlesof the album are record hits of all times.

According to Steve (Parker, 2 June 2010) “1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die” is a list of the greatest albums of all the times, and it was made by 90 international critics in chronological order 1955-2005, it was published in 2005 and it contains some Queen´s albums on the list, like the album Queen II.


* According to Steve(Parker, 2 June 2010) “100 Greatest British Rock Album Ever” is a list of the 100 greatest rock albums in England ever it was made with the voted of the English people and some English critics. Some of the bands in this list are: Led Zeppelin, Who, The beatles, Sex Pistols, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Iron Maiden, Clash, Rolling Stones, etc. and of course Queen is on the list with their albums: A Night at...
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