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First of all, good morning everyone! Our team is composed by mariana celis, Valentina Cicero, Diana fumero, madi Ramirez, manuel Gomez and victor cedeño.
When our English teacher Tina sent us thisactivity, we found it pretty hard, because when we talk about green heroes, there are lots of people who contribute to improve the environment, and schools’ one, from Rosalinda, the cleaningdepartment, to Guillermina, the school’s director. So, who will be our Green hero?? Well, a hard choice, buy after search for some people we found our man, specifically our woman, and a real example about whatis a change agent: our Biology teacher, Carmen Lucia Rodriguez.
Most of you will ask “why Lucia?” “What she has done?” well, you should remember the activities about the eco-calendar, such like thepresentations and works about the day of the Earth or day of the water as examples, Thing that has helped us to know a little bit more about the Earth and how our activity interacts with theenvironment.
For this project, we decided to make a flash interview to Lucia about what she thinks about the global environment crisis, what’s the importance between what we should do and how this affects usand most important why she is a change agent and our green hero.
Ok, let’s talk about our Biology teacher. She studied in school called “la Presentación”, the same as Mariana, but in Caracas,Venezuela, where she graduate as a bachelor in science, to become a university student in the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, in Caracas, where she got the Biologist degree. With this she worked 2 years inthe animal physiology laboratory of the IVIC, experimenting with gastric secretion and gastric mucosa, to work after in the schools, until she came here doing a great job.
The Interview took placein the laboratory, where Lucia answered all the question that we made, here are some of them:
1) What inspired you to become a Biology teacher??
Well, I love the subject; obviously I preferred...
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