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S3 ProSavageDDR Windows XP/2K Driver

Version 13.93.62
November 13, 2002


Engineering release.

Products Supported

Build Requirement

Whistler Beta 2 build and after

Software Requirements

Microsoft XP
The driver includes DirectX (DX8) support
Resolution, color depth, and refresh rate support is dependent on the BIOS used with the driver.The driver will specifically remove support for any color depth other than 8,16, or 32, however.

Additions and Changes


Fixed Enable CRT+TV/LCD and change mode, move mouse cursor cause desktop redraw failed.
Fixed when play GAME NESCAR to run single race, system will restart.
Added "QUERY_MONITOR_DVI_ID" for handling DVI device in function s3getchilddescriptor.
Addmode 1280x768x8 and 1280x768x32 to patch SONY WXGA 1280x768 LCD monitor's V-Sync and H-Sync.


Fixed Display is abnormal when we run '"Play Megarace3".
Fixed some LCD can't change resolution 1024*768.


Fixed Need For Speed abnormal flicker.
Update driver version description "S3 ProSavage(DDR) & Twister Driver" displayed on Properties page.
Fixedhardware cursor is run out the screen in centering and expanding mode.
Fixed when TV is not active or not presented, play DVD with Macrovision under WinXP will blue screen. (VT1622)
Fixed Install DirectX8.1b on Win2000, sometimes has overlay and sometimes has no overlay when play mpeg or avi using media player.(Random)
Fixed Resume from S3 with CRT only, unable to enable LCD, because we lost thepanel ID after resume from S3. It also need to restore no matter PANEL is active or not.


Fix DCT450a (and SP1) DirectDraw VideoMemoryAliasing under WinXP only.


Add default case in WriteAPS_VT1622( ) to prevent when TV not presented, play DVD with Macrovision under WinXP will blue screen (VT1622).
Enable RGB Copy Protection On for VT1622.Whistler_13.93.56

Patch when panning to farest right and bottom, screen corrupts on some special STN panel.
Fix The garbage will appear on CRT when system resumes from S4 (Hibernation).


Fix DCT450SP1: DX7: Clear test failed.
Fix Sharp-Shark-01: Modified wait FIFO value to let Windows screen overlap after resume from standby under 640x480x16bit.


FixDCT450SP1: WinXP SP1: Dx8 Texture/Memory management failed.
Enable VPE function by setting Registry.


Fix changelist 49476 side effect that DCT450a texture stage failed.


Force Primary Stream = 64 slots to fix JV product jitter problem.
Fix DCT450a DX8 wireframe test fail on Fog vs Flat shading.
Add and enable Macrovision function of VT1622.
CRTCalibration Issues: Set the properties of CRT to new default values.
Fixed OceanBox light too dark problem. (It causes by fixing WinXP-PL133-102 OceanBox).
Fix EDID issue: Fujitsu monitor-DP97W3G will be detected as Default monitor in Win XP.
Fix Blue screen error of infinite loop in S3 driver occurs while 3DMark2000.
System hangs up with screen curruption while 3DMark2000.


AddCRT calibration function and set registry in INF as defult = 0.
Fix playing video file with YUV to RGB stretch blt incorrect problem.
Fix P4M266-DCT450a-WinXP-0001, KPM133-DCT450a-WinXP-0001: The system bluescreen(0x8E) during changing the secondary display(JV) refresh rate in MultiMon.
Fix press CRT position any botton, the CRT display will be cut at 1280x1024 and black screen at 1600x1200.Modify 3D view corruptions on LC-Solution by adding losing game patch name.
A pink line appears on the bottom of movie screen if display mode is 1024x768x8bpp.
Empire Earth, line garbage of balloon help appears in game menu.
Empire Earth, cursor background is displayed as blue backgroud in 32bpp mode.
Fix Line noise appears on 1280x768x32@85Hz and 1280x1024x32@85. Changed modes support for...
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