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Dear Classmates,
I have been involved in sports all my life. I play soccer (as almost every Latin-American guy) since I have memory, I was the captain of my high school team and formedpart of my college team. Additionally, I used to drive go karts when I was a child (9 to 15 years old). Coming from a racing family – my dad drove rally and my brother raced karts -, I beganracing at nine. I trained every weekend, getting up early and spending all day practicing and working with my team, my dad and three mechanics, discussing how the kart felt, ideas forimprovement, and my driving performance. I lived with the pressure of winning races, held every month from April to November. For three years I won the national championship in my category. Ialso used to play basketball and volleyball at high school, but I did not get taller, so I preferred to focus on soccer.
Being involved in sport since my childhood has helped me to definemy character. I learnt to sacrifice to get what I want, fight for my dreams and never give up while using feedback to become better.
If I were elected as the Athetic Representative Iwould put all my effort to win the Darden Cup and to manage all the organization that involves this tournament. I know that it seems that I do not have experience in American Sports, however,I do. I have knowledge of Football and baseball.
I have been the Student Representative from the Economic Department when I was in college, so I have experience organizing and leadingimportant task. I also was part of the San Agustin alumni association (high school association) as a Vice President. In this position, I was in charge of the organization of the annualsoccer championship for the last five years. This tournament took place from July to November, I had to find soccer fields, hire the referees, deal with all the merchandising (balls, cups, etc.).
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