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PEST Analysis

✓ Political: Government taxes. They take finance from the United Kingdom government, as a reward for be worry about the climate changes, poverty, scarcity of resources anddemographic shifting.

✓ Economic: The recession. They made corporate responsibility to demonstrate they want an economic advantage in the country

✓ Social: The stakeholders arethe most important (especially employees) .Business based on customer. Measuring satisfaction

✓ Technological: Payments, transactions, taxes, the technology is used to empower the systemand generate a competitive advantage. Pioneering also new ideas. All in one pack and quickly

1. SWOT Analysis

❖ Strengths: The high variety and quality of services that are linked withthe new accounts:
o Free Multiple Risk Insurance covering Theft, Robbery, Accidents and Public Liability.
o Free TPV in the cards.
o E-banking and globalpresence, that generates economies of scale
o Personal financing conditions including personal remuneration and devises account.

❖ Weaknesses:
o Services provided in Zimbauequestions their Ethical position.
o They do not have commissions per maintenance and management and also they have a lack of pay by direct debit to the employees.
o Lowerrate of return.

❖ Opportunities: Explore the market of Asia and try to find new business.

❖ Threats: The bad knowledge of the Asia’s Market ,where banking is controlled by theindustry leaders and the needs of the companies are not the same.
The link with the Uk government could not be good for their image of private and independent company.

||Strengths |Weaknesses |
|Opportunities |Adaptation of the offers to new |Use...
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