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  • Publicado : 24 de marzo de 2011
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Elections are a key factor for the proper functioning of democracy since it is there where it is set the legitimate authorities and representatives’ change elected through the popularvote. Guarantee its proper functioning and organization becomes a fundamental fact since this will determine its credibility and confidence in the process and the results obtained. Colombia, during thelast 30 years, after the controversial decision in the presidential elections on April 19th, 1970 has repeatedly achieved to organize election processes with valid and acceptable results for bothpolitical actors competing for public position and citizens, mass media and public opinion in general, even under the illegal armed groups’ pressures and threats. However, both the national and electionauthorities, The National Registration Department and the National Electoral Council, have been aware of the difficulties, gaps, problems and needs and have been concerned about correcting the faultsand strengthen the electoral organization to come up with increasingly reliable and legitimate electoral processes.

The reason of this document is the implementation of an integrated electronicvoting system. It should be pointed out that, over the last two legislative periods, some members of Congress have proposed law projects related to the implementation of new mechanisms that can help toreduce the risks and vulnerabilities of the ongoing system, likewise, to hamper the improper manipulation actions and interference during the electoral process. For doing this, they have beensupported by the Article 258 of the Colombia Constitution, which states that voting shall be secret and in "individual booths set in each voting table, with electoral cards numbered and printed on safepaper “, this opens the possibility for the legislature, to determine and implement mechanisms that guarantee a better development of the right to vote.

It would be too ambitious to expect that...
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