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  • Publicado : 2 de septiembre de 2012
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Have you heard about Carlos Gardel? He is the king of the tango; the tango is a musical style traditional of Argentina and Uruguay, that born ofthe union between immigrants, African slaves and native people of the Rio de la Plata, it’s the union between dances like mazurka, cuadrilla,habanera, polka and candombe. The combination of the music it’s with 2 violins, a piano, 2 accordions and a contrabass. The letters of the songs usuallyexpressed sadness especially in things like love that feel man or women, Enrique Santos Discépolo said that the tango it’s a sad thought that isdanced. The choreography it’s totally sexy and difficult, a characteristic of the tango it’s the movement improvisation, that means that the tangodoesn’t have a choreography and you have to improvise when you are dancing; years later the tango started to change for one beat faster, tough andaggressive, the clothing that use the man it’s something formal and with a t-shirt sometimes with a hat, and the women use a dress or a mini skirt,but the clothes have to be formal and sexy. This musical style starts in the slums of the city and began to pass to the higher social classes, inEurope in the cities like Paris, Berlin and Londres started to approve this musical style and formed a new style called “ballroom tango”, this newstyle called “ballroom tango” often it’s dance by people of the higher social classes, and it’s dance in some important parties that they do.
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