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France's population is 62 million with a population density of 111 people per km².
Which placed it as number 20 in population among the 193 nations of the world.

There are73 urban areas of more than 100,000 residents.


In the city
* Many people that live in Paris live in old apartments.

Rural life
* Live in single-family houses,old apartments, and farms.
* The country folk do activities such as hunting and fishing. Some don’t even have enough to support themselves. Very few are rich.
Food& drink
* Chefscreate many delicious sauces and appetizers. The French eat a light breakfast.
* Wine is drank at almost every meal.
There are many rules to eating in France. Suchas, proper manners are very important, one dose not put their elbows on the table, speaking with food in ones mouth. When eating, the fork must be held in the left hand. Food must be served acurtain way. Social meals are start with an appetizer.
* The most popular sports are soccer, and basketball.
* The annual Tour de France cycling race is a popular nationalevent. Camping is popular in the summer.

Schooling is free. Children ages 6-16 must go to school. Most children go to public schools.
They are good at painting, music,and drama. The poetry in France is highly important.
Dating& Marriage
The average youth in France starts dating at the age of 15. Many choose not to have children.
Donot use personal items in public. Such as combs, toothpicks, etc.
Personal Appearances
In, general the French take great care to dress well and fashionably, whether they are wearing formalor casual clothes they want to look nice wherever they go.

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