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  • Publicado : 20 de septiembre de 2010
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Eschool: Facultad de ciencias de la Admón.

Matter: Ingles

Teacher: azucena rosas

“Book report”
Don quijote de la mancha

2 semester


19/05/2010Somewhere in La Mancha, there lived a gentleman in his fifties, who was of tough, dry meat, lean-faced, very early riser and friend of the hunt. At home he had a housekeeper past forty, a niece tothe twenty-first guy in the field.

In this gentleman was very fond of novels of chivalry and his favorite author was Feliciano de Silva novels.

Because these books of chivalry, went mad anddecided to become a knight errant and travel the world with their weapons on horseback in search of adventures he had read in books of chivalry.

The first thing I did was to clean the arms of hisgrandparents and then went to see the horse He named Rocinante. After thinking about eight days decided that he would be called Don Quijote and also look for a peasant girl as their favorite love, wholived near her home, she would call Dulcinea Del Toboso.

One morning, Quijote begins his adventure. He realizes that he has not been knighted, continues its path when you are thinking that someone willask you to name him a knight.

He walked all day thinking of things I had to do.

In the evening, he found a sale that he thought it was a castle at the entrance was found with two women.Everyone who took it was crazy, but helped him to remove his armor, the only thing he is worried at that time had not been knighted.

Don Quijote asked the landlord who assemble gentleman, and hetold her that morning would, the landlord asked if Don Quijote had money, and Don Quijote replied that he and the gentlemen are not.

Don Quijote spent the night in the barracks to ensure theirweapons until people came to water the animals and as Don Quijote seemed not treated them with respect, he fought with them.

Don Quijote was knighted, and began his journey in search of adventure....
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