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Froggy Rock
Laura Londoño: Laura
Catalina Sarmiento: Catalina
Camila Caliman: Camila
Alejandra Garavito: Bob McDonald
Laura Canro: Estiven Taylor

Laura: welcome to celebrity paradise us youknow every day a new artist come to this hall and tell us everything of his life and history, today a famous , fun and original us going to show us what to be travelling through the word and be lovedfor everybody

Bob and Estiven go and sing a song, Camilla stay in shock

Laura: If somebody wants to say them anything can’t to here right now come

Estiven: Well our name is Froggy Rock westay together almost 6 year so you can’t deduce we formed in 2015, exactly December 20thof 2015 after study in the same University, and one day their do it a concert of band and we meet each

Bob:yes its true, in addition to what Steven said, we are proud that we create our first album on March 8th of 2016, which was a success throughout our careers we have come now we are almost like brothers.Estiven: in the future we hope to have too much international tour, and above all promoting our album which we want you to buy and enjoy, also hope to create our own study with the blessing ofrock and Good.

Laura: Bob why are you so quiet? Tell me what you feel to be here in this big city New York.

Bob: Well I love to be here a know an learn different things all day, and I can’t toshare with my fans here, obviously I’m stay a little nervously but I think that all was right you know.

Catalina: No ce que dices pero es lo de la fan y creas una pequeña conversación con ella)Camila: (habla con catalina)

Laura: Well they us the best moment of the programmer the end, thanks you for being here and for showing us you great music.

Catalina: Well America we see tomorrowwith other band and new music, see you later.
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