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Chapters 1-3
• Before you read

1 Look at the picture on the front of the book. a. What do you think is the relationship between the three people? Mark(the young boy), Mc Thune(the FBI detective) and Reggie(the lawyer). b. How would you describe each person mood, from this picture? Mark: cruel, dangerous and nasty. Reggie: pleasant, happy. Mc Thune: bored, angry, anxious and sad. 2 Check thesewords in your dictionary. Client: cliente. Evidence: prueba. Fingerprints: huella. Trial: prueba. Trust: prueba. Choose the best words to complete these sentences: a. The murder trial was reported in all the newspapers. b. The police had evidence that the woman was driving the car. c. She trusted her best friend with the secret. d. They took her fingerprints off the door handle. e. She was a verygood lawyer, so her clients were happy to pay her a lot of money. 3 Now check these words: Crawl: arrastrar. Grab: arrebatar. Tail pipe: tubo de escape. Trailer: remolque. Which word is .... a. Trailer a house on wheels? b. Crawl a way of moving on your stomach so people won't see you? c. Grab a way of taking something from another person quickly and rudely? d. Tail pipe part of a car. It is atthe back and it takes gas away from the car engine. • After you read 4 Answer these questions: a. How does Romey try to kill himself? With a tube in the tail pipe and the other end through the window. b. Where is the body of the senator? Maybe in Memphis. c. Who is Barry Muldano? The client of Jerome Cifford.


5 Work with two other students. Dianne comes home from work and finds Ricky inshock. What do you think happens when the doctor arrives? Act out the scene between Dianne, the doctor and Mark. Student A: You are Diane. Student B: You are Mark. Student C: You are the doctor. Grenway: Hello. How are you? Diane. Hello doctor. Mark: Hello I’m worried about my brother. Can you do something to help him? Grenway: Oh this body is in shock. No reaction at all.

Chapters 4-6
•Before you read 6 Do you think Mark will tell the FBI men the truth when they check his fingerprints? No he won’t. 7 Will Slick become a friend to Mark? How could he help Mark? No he won’t. Telling the things he knows about. 8 What do you think Barry wiII do next? He would run away. 9 Find the word truth in your dictionary. Now write a sentence with truth in it, to show the meaning clearly. Truth:verdad. If you don’t tell me lies you tell the truth. • After you read 10 Answer these questions. a. Why is Gill Teal talking to the man in the wheelchair? He was talking about a road accident of the other man. b. What do the FBI tell Foltrigg about Mark? Mark was in the moment of the death and there were fingerprints of Mark in the bottle of whisky and in the tail pipe. c. How does Mark find Reggie?When he went to Gill Teal’s office, he was so busy, Mark decided to go 2nd floor and saw in a door “Reggie Love - lawyer”, then he went in. 11 Work with two other students. McThune and Trumann need Dr Greenway's permission before they can talk to Ricky. What do you think they will say to each other when they ask for permission? Act out the conversation between them. Student A: You are McThune.Student B: You are Trumann. Student C: You are Dr Greenway. Mc Thune: All right Truman. Let’s see if we can get more information from Ricky than we’ve now. Truman: Ok. Let’s go. Greenway: Can I help you men?


Chapter 7-9 • Before you read 12 What do you think will happen at twelve when Mark talks to the FBI? He will get nervous and he will not answer the questions. 13 What do you think willhappen next at the hospital? The FBI will go to the hospital. 14 Check the word rights in your dictionary. Rights: derechos Put the words interviewed/police/rights in the spaces in this sentence: In most countries, people have certain rights when they are interviewed by the police. • After you read 15 Answer these questions: a. What does Mark tell Reggie about his family? His father left his...
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