The secrets (wimpy kids)

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Sometimes you do things that maybe are embarrassing and do not dare to tell others. These are things that if you say you think that other people will bother you and you reserve for yourself.Otherwise, you cause so much emotion that you can only tell a trusted person, either your family or friend. Also you can have the misfortune of doing something embarrassing and a person see you and then theperson blackmail you to tell to other people like the case of Greg Heffley. Those things you say to people you trust or you reserves for yourself are called secrets.
The story in the book "Diary ofWimpy Kid Rodrick Rules" tells us about the summer of Greg and humiliating thing that happened during the holidays that we only knew his older brother Roderick Heffley. According to Greg, he had a badvacation because he spent his summer in a pool. Greg did not much like the idea of having to swim, so he went to the bathroom to wait for the swimming class over. One day something humiliating happensand only Rodrick knew this big secret. Greg did not want anyone know because it was so embarrassing and he had to do everything that his brother told him. The big secret was that Greg had entered tothe girl's bathroom of the high school and when every people knew it was not as bad as he imagined. Because when the secret came to school, his friends took it as if Greg had come to spy on high schoolgirls, bone was the idol of everyone in the school and whether he was famous, although fellow classmates women were angry about that.
In this story we can realize a secret is a sign of power in ourlives. Because for Greg was one of the most shameful things that could have happened and for his friends was one of the best things that could have happened. Also we can see how to get the messagethrough intermediaries changes the true facts of the situation or what it really meant. So a secret is something you will have to be reserved for you, because while you say to someone more people can...
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