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1. When the novel begins, Holden is
(C) Recuperating in some sort of psychiatric institution
2. What is the name of the school Holden is attending at the beginning of his story?
(A) The WhootonSchool
(B) Pencey Prep
(C) Don Bosco High
(D) Elkton Hills

3. Holden was forced to return early to school from New York because
(A) His parents caught him in their apartment.
(B) He lost thefencing team’s equipment.
(C) He desperately wanted to see the final football game.
(D) He needed to see Mr. Spencer.

4. What item of clothing did Holden buy during the team’s trip to New York?(A) A hound’s-tooth jacket
(B) A red hunting hat
(C) A brown derby
(D) A pink leisure suit

5. Contrasting him with the annoying and sloppy Ackley, Holden describes Stradlater as a(n)
(A)“Anal-retentive neat-freak”
(B) “Guy whose mess you don’t mind”
(C) “Clean and nice roommate”
(D) “Secret slob”

6. Holden tries to punch Stradlater immediately after
(A) Stradlater refuses to answerHolden’s questions about his date.

7. Holden nostalgically remembers the way Jane Gallagher used to
(A) Talk about the Museum of Natural History
(B) Play checkers
(C) Write stories
(D) Rideher bike

8. Once back in New York, the first person Holden tries to invite for a drink is
(A) A cab driver

9. Holden wonders about the fate of which animals in Central Park?
(D) The ducks inthe lagoon

10. After Holden checks into his room at the Edmont Hotel, what does he see out of his window?
(A) A parade
(B) A flock of ducks flying away from the Central Park lagoon
(C) A varietyof bizarre sex acts going on in other rooms of the hotel
(D) Jane Gallagher fooling around with Stradlater

11. According to Holden, he knew he was happy when he was
(A) Holding hands with Jane(B) Writing essays for Mr. Spencer
(C) Fooling “phonies” with elaborate lies
(D) Listening to Ernie play piano

12. The elevator operator at the Edmont offers to get Holden
(A) Drugs
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