Unit 4 and 5 students book

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Unit 4

Grammar Summary

1. Indefinite articles with jobs
Remember to use an indefinite article with jobs in the singular
 He’s a writer
 She`s doctor

….but no article in theplural
We are teachers.

2. Simple present
• Use the simple present to talk about jobs.
Do you work in a school?
Yes, I do. / No. I don’t.
Does he/she work in store?
Yes, he/she does. No,he/she doesn’t
I don’t work in an office. He/she doesn’t work form home.
What does he/she do?
Where does he/she work?
I/You work in a bank.
He/She works in a hospital

Vocabulary Summary1 Academic Subject
History geography English Spanish biology
physics chemistry math economics
information technology politics business studies

Complete these sentences about you with an academicsubject.
1 I really like technology
2 I don’t like math
3 I think physics is very difficult.
4 Chemistry is boring.
5 I think politics is really interesting.

2 Expressions of time
Orderthese words into four phrases.
Monday Tuesday on evening on on afternoon
Saturday on night morning Friday.

On Tuesday morning ….
On Saturday night, I watch Tv.
On Mondaymorning, I go to the school.
On Friday afternoon, I take a shower

3 Word combinations
Copy the grid into your notebook and write the phrases under the correct verbs.

tennis a manicure to musica DVD with the children
for a drink friends a massage for a walk to a CD
a shower a break games my girl/boyfriend for a drive
TV for dinner.

listen go
a break
a massage
a shower
a manicure for dinner
for a drink
for a walk
for a drive
with the children TV
to music
to a CD my girl
friends4. Jobs and workplaces.
Complete the table.
Job Workplace
1 actor teather
2 singer studio
3 chef kitchen
4 doctor hospital
5 lawyer court
6 accountant office
7 police officer police...
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