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Water from Iceland describes the dream of a young American Stan Otis to develop de Iceland water in the American market, all of thesebecause he make a trip to this country discovering that theirs water has a grate potential due it’s taste and the increasing market share of bottled water in us.
Up to ends of 2007 the water market have been in growing around 3%-5% each year and had make the biggest companies of non alcoholic bebarage as nestle with a 28.5% of the market share in 2007 and 27.2% in 2008 with a perceptual change of-1.3% but continuing being the leader with1,478 million dollars in sales, coca-cola company with a market share in 2007of 24.2% and Pepsi-co among other companies, this grow make this companies take advantage of this and create more brands of bottled water and develop in the best way this market.
The water market in the us represents average sales of more than $11.8 billion up to 2007 nowadays thisquantity is not very different because since, the crisis of 2008 that stop the named “bubble in the bottled water sales” make its effects ,this is the reaction of lots of campaigns and people reception that starts seeing bottled water very harmful to the natural ecosystems and the entire environment, this reaction makes for first time in the history of the bottled water it sales report a fall,according to de reports of nestle, that is the leading brand in bottled water sales, the fall in sales represent 2,7%*1 and this number is only at the start of the crisis, later on the Americas stop buying the same amount of bottled water because there are research and government investigation that makes American realize the environmentally harmful that are the plastic bottles and the purity of thetap water in most of American territory*2
Also it had been showed thought studies and some independent research *3 that this big companies that had the biggest market share of the bottled water have make some campaigns that are discretidful against the tap water, saying that that tap water is harmful to the human being, that the tap water contains metals and lots of things that are harmful, butthe truth is that some of the bottled water came from tap water and the most popular brands, such as Alaska water, or al the springs ones, do no t come from such sites, also there is a incorrect belief that , the bottled water is better, cleaner and have a better taste, this is false showed by scientific test that shows that the people do not see the difference between tap and bottled water.
thisstudies start to scatter trough the internet and nowadays is getting more and more know the reality about the bottled water, although lots of people things and are studies about that topic, that the bottled water is much more healthier and that the big companies are making the bottled water each day more and more healthiest with more minerals and with vitamins that make good for our bodies,besides the pipes thought witch the tap water goes are getting old and is trough that pipes that some residual could end in the glass of everyone.
Another thing that is very interesting in de American water industry is that the tap water and the bottled water are regulated for two different institutions and it could exist some kind of imbalance that make the bottled water industry better thought theeyes of this regulations, this institutions are FDA for the bottled water because is consider food and the tap water is regulated by the environmental protection agency (EPA) and also for federal and state institution that obviously make the standards for the tap water much more higher that the ones for the bottled water, and besides this the bottled water industry companies usually lobby for...
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