Working in a store

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Working in a Store

There are different kinds of clients that enter regularly to a clothing store. These classifications are made by the behaviors of the clients once they are in the store. Clientsare classified by what they do, what they ask for, for how much time they spend in the store, and for some others. There are the Original Clients, the Window Shoppers, and the Unexpected’s. Sellersmust deal with these three different types of individual’s everyday in the stores and accept the different requests clients have.
During holydays season on Christmas I worked in a small clothing storea few years ago. In Colombia, this part of the year is when people spend more money buying gifts and different presents for relatives and family. This is why stores demand more workers that can helpselling and reorganizing stores when there are many customers to help. The store has these different policies, for the sellers. The manager and some other old sellers mentioned that these season isthe hardest season of the year because everybody was looking for a present to a friend, a son, a daughter, a wife, a husband, a mother, a father, etc. During this month I experienced some differentsituations that made me think that the clients are divided in different ways.
The Original Client is a person that is attached somehow to the store. They are faithful for the brand; it could be becausethey like the quality of the clothes, or the style. This customer is almost a “Perfect Client”. This buyer comes into the store knowing that there is something specific that they are buying because hecame already and saw it, or they visited the web site of the store. The Original Client never comes out of the store empty handed. That gives him that “name”. This is why he is very important for thestore. He must be treated specially; he is a client the store never wants to lose. This client has some privileges, as discounts, sales, or special offers. When a client like this enters to the...
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