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P.1a Organizational Environment . What are Your Key Organizational Characteristics?
BIMBO is synonymous of freshness, tenderness, quality and service. It is a leading, familiar brand, with tradition, of the whole life and that offers tranquility and safety to the consumers, since all its products are elaborated by the best ingredients and following themost strict quality controls.

Though the brand BIMBO is known especially by its products of white and integral bread, which are its principal product, BIMBO is a brand umbrella that covers and groups different products:

White bread
Integral bread
Salty and sweet bolleria
Infantile pastry shop
Las principales marcas que Bimbo comercializa en pan y bollería son: “Bimbo”,“Silueta”, “Semilla de Oro” y “Ortiz”; en bollería dulce, bollería rellena y en pastelitos infantiles: “Madame Brioche”, “Bony”, “Tigretón”, “Pantera Rosa”, “Círculo Rojo” y “Bimbocao” y en repostería y productos de desayuno: “Martínez”.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Cash Cows: White bread and Integral bread

The bread BIMBO of the whole life. The whole classic one. With the whole freshness andtenderness that only BIMBO can offer. Fruit of the best ingredients and the careful one bake that is combined with the know to do of BIMBO. Ideal to prepare sándwiches, toasts and couches with all kinds of cold and warm, sweet or salty ingredients.
Those products are the principal of Bimbo, this company is known because of them, so they are considered like cash cows because it is not necessary toinvest in promotions, publicity, and the profitability is high,

Since it is possible to observe with the information of the previous paragraphs nowadays the life cycle of the products of bimbo in the modality of bread of this box in the stage of maturity, where the principal challenges are in market share and extend the life cycle of the product, Bimbo focusing strongly in this category sinceit realizes incremental innovations to differentiate its product of the competitors, for mentioning an example, making the bread with ingredients of major nutritional value that generates a value added for the consumer.
In this stage already there exists a knowledge and preference to the brand.

Star product: Infantile pastry shop
Nowadays the infantile pastry shop are the favorite forchildren and teneegers because of the promotion and publicity that they make for example with cartoons like los simpsons, tiger, pink panter etc, so the company has to innovate patry shop with those cartoos to obtain better sells.

• Philosophy of company.

The base and the sustenance of the company, the first outline that must be outlined of it is its managerialphilosophy.

· With high values and beginning.
· The personality.
· The excellence.
· To be more.
· Ideal and objective.
· interior Peace.
· The price of the success.
· Beginning and central values.
· Integrity.
· Dignity of the person.
· Solidarity: to share vs. To compete.
· Value of the work.
· Big thinkers and concepts of the administration.

Quality, innovation,service, freshness. A philosophy summarized in four words. To fulfill them, they try to be at all time a modern and innovative company, with a professional highly qualified equipment. A company that makes products of the major quality and makes them come to the consumer with the maximum freshness, guaranteeing the service to the point of sale across a wide network of distribution.

• MISSION:our mission is " Simply To take pleasure... Every Day "
To be the option preferred by the consumers and clients in the whole world, for our innovative ideas, for the constant improvement of processes and for the people who does, that the things happen.

The general strategy of the Group is based on his corporate mission, this is, in the development of the value of his brands,...
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