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In this advertising the company shows a woman with a beautiful hair because of she uses Garnier products.
Garnieris a multinational whose web has a lot of intern advertising where there are all the products of this company.
I found the advertising in whose subject is hair color, neverthelessin this company customers can purchase products to styling, body care or skincare .

A healthy hair color with bamboo and the option to win buying bonus too.
For centuries, haircolor has played a significant role for humans. Already in antiquity it was a symbol of social status, dignity and courage, and it represents youth and beauty still today. Throughout history, peoplehave tried to demonstrate eternal youth by using many optical tricks.
Garnier products are a simple packaging, there are easy to use, there aren’t heavy and there have good quality.
The terms of saledepends on the product, for example, sun creams have high solders in summer than in winter, nevertheless Garnier is always on the cosmetic market , it happens with hair-color products, ouradvertising.

Principal competitors are CLAIROL or SURYA which are very important hair care world too.
The hair-care advertisements are very similar between different companies.
Beautifulhair with happy women.

Garnier improve the quality because of their products are designed to give a great color, results while leaving hair healthy-looking and shiny, different colors and tonalitiesin a short time, easy to use and fantastic results.

Garnier try to send the “home coloration” then their principal indirect competitors are hairdressers where the result probably is safer andpreciser.

The hair coloring market has developped quickly ten years ago. But specify, the “health-hair-coloring” for women who want to change his colour bu too having a beautiful and...
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