Caso lakewood center mall

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  • Publicado : 6 de diciembre de 2010
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Case Study: Lakewood Center Mall
The Challenge:
Operational management at Lakewood Center Mall in Southern California had a need to provide videosurveillance coverage of the parking lots around a handful of restaurants and stores and link the video to its centrally-located surveillance center. Normally not a problem, but these stores and restaurantshappened to be located across a busy street from the mall. Trenching was not an option due to both municipal regulations and the enormous costs of digging up streets, sidewalks, and running fiber. Not tomention the inconvenience and traffic problems that would certainly be part of any digging operation. They sought a cost-effective, reliable solution that would not disrupt business for theirtenants.

The Solution
• Needed to cover stores and restaurants across a busy street with video cameras and connect to surveillance center at mall • Could not dig or trench to run wires; thecost to dig could easily have reached in the hundreds of thousands of dollars • Required a wireless solution that would provide reliability, video quality, and scalability • High rates of interferencein area as well as an abundance of buildings and trees Azalea’s experts developed a wireless mesh network design that would provide video coverage for these stores and restaurants utilizing 13 videocameras linked by 10 Azalea wirelss routers. The system covers approximately five city blocks, leveraging Azalea’s Active Video Transport™ (AVT) technology that provides clear, jitter-free video withminimal frame loss. The Azalea solution routes video traffic from each camera to the video surveillance center in the mall in the most efficient manner, ensuring that video quality and reliability arenever compromised.



Wireless Backhaul

Wireless Access

The Azalea wireless mesh network covers a number of mall tenants across a busy street with the video surveillance...
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