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Roobin Hood revolt against the sheriff administration was the begging of the disciplined revolutionary band against the sheriff.

Roobin Hood was the “ Romanic view of leadership”. Beneath it WillScarlett, Little John Scarlock and Much the Miller’s son where in charge of the group.

The band was starting to increase it size but there weren’t enough supplies for everyone and they were alsostaring to have lots of internal conflicts

Because of the discontent of the band with the changes of policy that Robin was starting to made the sheriff was having an “external control view ofleadership”

Robin Hood needed to find a solution as soon as possible because the sheriff was increasing his force. The faster solution was killing the sheriff but it was really complicated.

II.Statement of the Problem

The main problem that Robin Hood was facing was because of the increasing number of followers that he was having. He was feeling forced to star doing the same things that theywere criticizing: confiscation of goods to one of a fixed transit tax.
All these were having lost of bad consequences like for example that they were running out of food and they were facing lots ofinter conflicts.
Because of this his leadership was starting to lose power. He was contradicting his ideals.
Robin Hood band it’s a simplification of a really company.
Every company should set hisvision, mission and his strategic Objectives. And just change them with the approval of all the member of the company.
This was the huge mistake of Robin Hood.

III. Causes of the ProblemOne of the biggest Causes of the problem was the lack of communication between the different stakeholders of organization. For example as the case says Will Scarlett was in charge of intelligence andscouting.. Little John kept discipline among the men. Scarlock took care of the finances. Finally, Much the Miller’s son had the task of provisioning the ever-increasing band of Merrymen.
But there...
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